[Arm-netbook] SoM2 board updated

jm joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 16:55:21 GMT 2013

On Mon, 2013-02-11 at 16:43 +0000, jm wrote:
> Hi,
> SoM2 board updated so its now possible to make own tablet, EOMA, ARM
> microserver etc by just doing up the wiring and board layout.
> The GT8UB256M16BP memory chips x 2 (for 1GB DDR3 RAM), 40 pin standard
> FPC type LCD connector, AXP209 and microSD schematic symbols added to
> the schematic. The footprints for the memory chips, LCD, AXP209 and
> microSD card added. The 96bga memory chip footprints taken from Luke's
> EOMA project repaired. The xtals and their associated capacitors have
> not been added - normally they should work OK by soldering to the break
> out pins.
> The wiring for the chips is unfinished.
> But you can have a go and learn more KiCAD and how to make your own
> tablet / IoT device! So too with the layout.
> The idea is to remove the break out pins from the previous version of
> the board and connect up the DDR3 RAM, LCD connector, microSD card and
> AXP209 chip, leaving rest of the break out pins intact for prototyping
> purposes. The components for the AXP209 chip and decoupling capacitors
> have to be added too to make a complete working stand alone board.
> The SO-DIMM connectors can be reserved just for GPIO and functions such
> as SATA, Ethernet, USB etc. The SoM1 board
> (http://www.gplsquared.com/SoM1/SoM1.html has full KiCAD files for
> motherboard with 200 pin SO-DIMM connector.)
> The 512MB cubieboard schematic is included. (The total RAM used here is
> 1GB - not 512MB.) In theory by following the cubie board to extract the
> wiring diagram for the AXP209, uSDCard (TF Card), A10 CPU and LCD, it is
> possible to make a complete device like a minimal EOMA device, or a
> tablet, or an ARM Microserver, an Internet of Things controller board,
> etc by completing the wiring puzzle and doing the PCB layout.
> All files GPL'd so you can take it and do much as you want to modify and
> make your own boards / sell it etc.
> 11 February 2013 -
> http://www.gplsquared.com/SoM2/SoM2_2013_02_11.tar.bz2
> All the files are in one tarball so you don't have to go hunting down
> the relevant files. They will be moved to a git repository soon.
> NOTE - Need latest KiCAD for Ubuntu - Get it from here:
> https://launchpad.net/~adamwolf/+archive/kicad-testing-daily
> Any suggestions for improvements and advise greatly appreciated.
> If you spot any mistakes, let me know.
> Any advise that might make this board work well first time is
> appreciated.
> Some of the boards will be going to manufacture soon after CN new year
> celebrations are over.
> Caveats apply - unlike SoM1 boards, none of the SoM2 boards have been
> built or tested yet. So if you plan building your own - always check,
> and double check for mistakes before placing orders for PCB.
> Note the PCB must be 1mm thick if the SO-DIMM is to fit the connector.

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