[Arm-netbook] Updated minimal "server" debian image

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.ru
Fri Feb 8 15:40:48 GMT 2013


I uploaded an updated version of my minimal Debian "Server" image for the A10.

- Kernel 3.0.57-r1-rm2 “Server”
- dist-upgrade'd to the latest Debian Wheezy;
- default locale changed from en_GB to en_US.UTF-8;
- default DNS servers set to,;
- added bzip2, cpufrequtils (with the “performance” governor by default), curl, deborphan, debsums, eatmydata, firmware-realtek, ntp, usbutils, wpasupplicant;
- removed extra *.bin files from /boot/ - mele_stock.bin is the one that is used, a copy of it added as script.bin just in case;
- added 3.2.0-4-vexpress kernel modules, for running this image in QEMU;
- /usr/local/bin/cleanup.sh added (used by me to prepare the image for release).

You can get it from http://romanrm.ru/dl/a10/debian/

More details and instructions are available at http://romanrm.ru/en/a10/debian

I also wrote a HOWTO on using this image in QEMU: http://romanrm.ru/en/a10/qemu
It should be much easier now for me and for everyone to prepare, test and
update new OS images for the A10. Big thanks to Michal Suchanek for providing
me a "vexpress" initrd.

Other bootable images for the A10-based devices are listed on

With respect,
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