[Arm-netbook] A10 breakout PCB with 200 pin SO-DIMM and patch panel done

jm joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 23:08:47 GMT 2013


A10 breakout PCB with 200 pin SO-DIMM and patch panel done.


NOTE - Need latest KiCAD for Ubuntu - Get it from here:

The SoM2 board files have been modified to make a derivative break out
prototyping PCB with a 200 pin SO-DIMM connector with patch panel.
Any pin from CPU can now be connected to any pin on the SO-DIMM
connector to make many different prototypes rapidly.
As before there is no RAM and no power supply chip (which will arrive in
a future version).

The SoM1 board http://www.gplsquared.com/SoM1/SoM1.html
has the motherboard that can accept this 200 pin SO-DIMM board.
That motherboard has ethernet connectors, 40 pin FPC LCD connector,
SDCard connectors and power regulators to try
and make the A10 boot through the SO-DIMM connector, and possibly
operate the LCD. Suitable RAM chips need to be connected to run Linux.
High speed is probably not possible with this arrangement yet, so clock
speeds have to be set very low.

NOTE - This PCB must be made of 1mm thick PCB if it is to fit a standard
200 pin SO-DIMM connector.

The Gerbers are included. You can modify the board and make your own
Gerbers as needed. All files GPL'd so you can do as you wish with it!

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