[Arm-netbook] Interesting chip the LPC1343

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Mon Dec 23 08:24:46 GMT 2013

> > I can't find any more such chips from NXP.
> > (The ones that are available with USB require software to be developed
> > and programmed into the device that turns it into an MSD - which is
> > great if you got the time.)
> Well, STM32s with USB have builtin bootloader with DFU protocol support.
> No drag and drop for apple hipsters, everyone else just fires dfutool.

Searching on DFU - it be "Device Firmware Upgrade" or DFU protocol for

A lot of micro controllers chips with USB implement it - the only thing
is that it seems to be called different thing between different
manufactures. Shame. I could have done with this feature a long time ago

Many companies have DFU software to add to a CPU with USB - like
Microchip, but apparently when one guy did a mod and released it, he got
a full cease and desist order served on him - so DFU as software utility
is something to be weary of if not built into the chip.

> > The IDE is by Code-Red which is Eclipse and it is available for Linux.
> > NXP have bought them out recently and now 256k of code generated by it
> > doesn't require a license.
> Good find for apple hipsters. Everyone else uses gcc anyway - for all
> chips and architectures.

Eclipse here is just a graphical user interface wrapped around gcc which
does all the grunt work.

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