[Arm-netbook] A bare image for booting from NAND

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 09:30:52 GMT 2013

On Thursday 12 December 2013, Philip Hands wrote:
> > the full source is available, but most files gained a gpl header only
> > revisions after, so yeah, the situation is not completely clear (trying
> > to clear it out)
> OK, so following on from Luke's assertion that this already is GPLed
> (which makes sense if later versions have had the GPL notices restored,
> and is good news for you as otherwise you'd almost certainly be
> violating someone's copyright by distributing modified versions) that
> then leads us to the next obvious question, which is:
>   Where are you publishing your modifications to the source?

Here we go (it's pretty much an one liner so far):

Marco Martin

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