[Arm-netbook] Auto-discard notification

freebirds at fastmail.fm freebirds at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 11 16:45:59 GMT 2013

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013, at 08:27 AM, Alison Chan wrote:
I was able to register a new gmail address without providing them my
mobile number. (this was in an incognito window in
> Chromium, from a shared IP address with thousands of Google accounts > users behind it, so there's no obvious way to tie the newly registered > account to my actual identity.)

Alison Chan, I do not use Chromium. Use another browser and go to
Google's registration link for gmail.com which is below. Did you get the
same registration form using both browsers? 

One of Google's requirements IS to enter a MOBILE phone number.  Google,
craigslist.org, paypal.com, etc. do not accept voicemail numbers or
landline numbers. They require a mobile number. Mobile numbers are
easily geolocated.

Google is also requiring new customers' other email address on the
registration form. More invasion of privacy and geostalking.


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