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> Congratulations on disassemblying the 500 lapdock without breaking it!
> Motorola made the 100 lapdock and 500 lapdock proprietary. The 500
> lapdock is the hardest to get working with a raspi.

Thanks, I took lots of pictures too. I'll have to upload them sometime. Too
busy. The entire thing is in pieces on my desk and I haven't had the time
to put it all together. (Basically an $80 pile of parts).

> A custom HDMI script, sound script and wifi script are required to
> connect a raspberry pi to the 100 lapdock and 500 lapdock. The Atrix
> lapdock and Bionic Droid lapdock do not require a HDMI script and sound
> script but they may require the wifi script.  Hence, I returned the 100
> lapdock and puchased an Atrix lapdock. The latter I returned because it
> had a defective HDMI. Bill Mar of specomp.com told me the HDMI is
> defective in a significant percentage of Atrix lapdocks.
> Could you please advise whether your 500 lapdock can operate an Improv
> board without scripts?
I was able to get it to boot just fine without scripts, unfortunately, I
put too much flex in the HDMI cable connector (taking it apart), and
haven't had a chance to make a new one, and thusly, only had about 15
minutes of testing before breaking it..  Although when the EOMA68 was
install with Android, the screen would display briefly, then shut off. I
had not actually read any of the hardware notes for the rPI, I just saw it
and bought it with the intent to hack it.

Christopher Thomas
Firemoth Industries, LLC - Owner
christopher at firemothindustries.com
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