[Arm-netbook] Flashing the NAND

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Dec 8 01:48:11 GMT 2013

On Saturday, December 7, 2013 02:42:57 Siarhei Siamashka wrote:
> Just a question to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Are you trying
> to organize and manage only the Rhombus / EOMA / Mer people?

I’m not trying to manage anyone. I simply would appreciate the opportunity to 
engage with others in creating a more transparent and vibrant community that 
has more of the attributes are important prerequisites to building both 
community and business interests.

Your response does fascinate me: Can you explain to me how you go from “can we 
have a meeting” (which is what I asked for) to hearing “I want to manage you”?

> Or is it a larger scale ambition?

Here’s a really important thing to know about me: I’ll tell you what I’m 
thinking. You don’t have to guess. You don’t have to run around trying to 
figure it out. You get what you see. If I had larger scale ambitions (wtf that 
means), you’d know it because I’d say it, straight-up.

You can ask people who have worked with me in the past.

> Because if it's related to EOMA and arm-netbook list only, then it's
> really your own business.

/me looks at the name of the mailing list he posted this to

> But if you also include linux-sunxi.org in your plans, then I propose
> to first learn a bit more about this community. 

I have no preconceived plans. If linux-sunxi people wish to participate in 
building a more productive community, awesome. If not, that’s fine, too.

Your statement here is actually built on the obviously absurd premise that I 
could just beckon the linux-sunxi.org community and somehow they’d be beholden 
to that. That isn’t how things work, and you evidently know that. What makes 
you think I don’t, too? :)

> It just looks like you
> literally appear from nowhere, have only incomplete preliminary
> information and already trying to enforce your own rules on the others.

As I wrote in another email in this thread, the fact you didn’t now about me 
until now is a symptom of the opaque and structureless nature of this 

> Not everyone is going to appreciate this.

Good thing that’s not what I’m doing then, I suppose.

Aaron J. Seigo

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