[Arm-netbook] Upcoming CPU Card Status?

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Fri Dec 6 15:54:55 GMT 2013

> > I sorely wish to have compiz and desktop cube
> > working 
> you mean like this?
> http://notmart.org/Photos/improv/P1020019.MOV
> that’s kwin with the desktop cube. Marco is switching between desktops
> and as he does so you can see the cube rotate. as with the compiz
> cube, you can also go into “cube mode” and move it around with the
> mouse, etc. but this video shows it is working and that the
> performance is even not so bad.

Wow!!! YES!!

Absolutely where I want to get to. Any documentation/images to try out?

My normal desktop is 16 sided translucent cube set at 25% translucency
so I can work on dozen or more stuff at the same time and keep spinning
that cube to speed up switching between work. No one can beat me on
productivity when I am in full flight with that tool :)

I doubt allwinner has enough memory for that number of desktops,
but to have 4 sided translucent cube is more than enough to be getting
on with.

(I got cubietrucks with 2GB RAM - may be try increasing desktops
 on that and generate some documentation for future 2GB machines.)

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