[Arm-netbook] I Have An Possible Chance To Meet An ARM Senior Manager

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Sun Oct 7 09:44:06 BST 2012

On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 1:07 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
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> If I meet him would you have any thing you would like me to talk about?
> Whatever you want is of interest to me. I am a hardware newbie BTW.
> He is one of the 7 chaps from the early days of ARM.


 well - assuming you only have a little time, if you could mention
that we're creating a complete paradigm shift in mass-volume computing
which is well-suited to ARM processors, perhaps tongue-in-cheek that
many people are having difficulty believing that, because it's such a
simple shift, but that the implications for the whole industry of
putting CPUs onto tiny user-hot-swappable cards is very very profound

 he might be puzzled by that, especially as to why it hasn't already
happened but if you mention that we're one of the first to notice that
the revolution we're looking at really was not possible until the
size, power consumption and CPU speed all crossed certain thresholds:
40nm or below, 1 watt or less and 1ghz or above.

... and that they haven't got long before intel comes out with 22nm
valleyview to get their act together!  whilst ARM CPUs are just the
first, Intel *will* catch up with them very very soon.

other than that, the best probable course of action is to put him in
touch with my associate, geoff (geoff at qimod.com) - geoff worked for
LSI Logic back when ARM was small, and probably knows who he is.

what we could really do with is some help from ARM (and Linaro) -
directly - in promoting EOMA-68 as a standard for Engineering Boards
that manufacturers release as each new SoC comes out.  the reason's
simple: it covers *all* the bases - engineering board *and* it can go
straight into mass-production for mass-volume products.

probably best to leave it at that?  other than perhaps to mention that
there's an article coming out in IEEE Computing Now in about a week's


[*1 i had a conversation with penguin42 on IRC recently in which i
finally, finally managed to get the full implications across of how
powerful the whole user-hot-swappable CPU Card concept is, vs the much
less interesting factory-installable-CPU-Card concept.  the key part
of the conversation is at 18:57hrs in

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