[Arm-netbook] going to try and build CM9 for my new A10 9.7" tablets

simon at koala.ie simon at koala.ie
Sun Jun 24 16:41:56 BST 2012

On Sun, 24 Jun 2012 12:59:56 +0100, lkcl luke <luke.leighton at gmail.com>  

>> no such luck. seems that the manufacturer is just getting a .img from
>> their supplier and have no knowledge of what is in it or how it was
>> created.
>  simon - what did i tell you, only a few days ago?!!

you are of course right. it is only when you experience it first hand does  
it truly sink in.

>> but i am determined to get this tablet working again.
>  so... how long is that going to take you, vs the actual lifetime of
> the product?  you're not in control.  you *can't* base a business on
> that kind of decision-making, can you?

i have to be able to build drivers for this product to work. so this  
painful learning exercise is i suppose necessary, one way or the other.

as for the lifetime of the product; maybe 3-5 years.
in any case, i have to do this for the prototype. i am not in a position  
to wait.

>  in short?  given where you are now - help make the EOMA and
> rhombus-tech initiative a success.  if you hear of anyone who would
> like to buy products (e.g. on the IRC channel), tell them the story.
> , or... anywhere.

i signed up for a pair of alpha boards. so i really do want this to be a  

>  i won't.  i will say this: i went through the *exact* same thing -
> and documented the experiences, time and time again, and then came up
> with an alternative approach.  you didn't listen, but now perhaps
> because it's actually cost you time and money, like it cost myself and
> my associates time and money, you'll appreciate all the more what the
> rhombus tech and EOMA initiative is about.

it is not like that. i have to have alpha product ready by the end of  
i would quite happily use EOMA if it was available. i really would.

>  in some ways this isn't the sort of thing you can do "research" on,
> because as it's such an endemic problem (95%+ GPL violations rate)
> you'd spend probably 10k on samples when you could actually spend that
> money on getting a board _made_ for goodness sake, and solve the
> problem entirely.

are you saying that for 10k i could get a board made?
what would that contain? perhaps we need to talk.


Simon Kenyon
e: simon at koala.ie
m: +353 86 240 0005

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