[Arm-netbook] FEL protocol have been reversed

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Wed Jun 13 08:40:03 BST 2012

ons 2012-06-13 klockan 10:41 +0800 skrev Tom Cubie:

> Awesome! 


I honestly don't know why it took this long. As expected the protocol
used by FEL is really simple. Only excuse it that I got held up by the
u-boot SPL issues..

Tom, would you be able to provide share hints on the memory map at this
stage of the boot process? (BROM FEL only, not any details on what
livesuite is doing)


1. how large is the SRAM area at 0x00000000? 48KB?

2. Which parts of the SRAM is reserved for internal BROM FEL usage and
should not be touched? Or put otherwise, which parts of the SRAM area is
free for uploading code to execute?

3. In uboot sources it's mentioned that the SRAM is divided in 4
regions. Do these regions have different purposes?
        #define SUNXI_SRAM_A1_BASE 0X00000000 /* 16k */
        #define SUNXI_SRAM_A2_BASE 0X00004000 /* 16k */
        #define SUNXI_SRAM_A3_BASE 0X00008000 /* 13k */
        #define SUNXI_SRAM_A4_BASE 0X0000B400 /* 3k */


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