[Arm-netbook] Mele a1000 Internals Question?

Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Tue Feb 28 08:54:57 GMT 2012

On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 13:21:12 -0600, Ken Phillis Jr <kphillisjr at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was combing over the various pages on rhombus-tech about hacking the
> melee A1000... namely...
> http://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner_a10/hacking_the_mele_a1000/

BTW I noticed that that page referred to data on dropbox, so thought
that it might be better to actually put the image and listings into the
wiki to avoid links dying at a later date.

Rather than bloat git too much, I dropped the quality of the JPG to get
the image to ~250kb, so perhaps people could check that the result is
still high enough quality to be useful (if not I'll bump up the quality
a bit).

I also enabled the 'attachment' plug-in for ikiwiki, so that others can
add pictures as I just did, but have since locked-down the specs of
allowed uploads to images under 250k in size, to limit the amount of
damage a spammer can do with that -- opinions about whether that's too
big, too small, or generally unwise, are welcome.

Cheers, Phil.
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