[Arm-netbook] Mele box group on counting

"Sztupák Sz. Zsolt" mail at sztupy.hu
Mon Feb 27 15:44:39 GMT 2012

2012.02.27. 16:34 keltezéssel, lkcl luke írta:
> 2012/2/27 Alejandro Martínez<zen at itram.es>:
>> I haven't got any single package arriving from China stopped by customs here
>> in Spain, including boxes of shirts, my Novo7 and huge (as in, voluminous)
>> packages from Dealextreme.
>> I've seen several group-purchases made to China being organized on a spanish
>> forum I'm part of and the cheapest option always ends up having shipped
>> everything individually (and low-valued)... shipping *from* China is much,
>> much cheaper than shipping *to* China, or to any other european country.
>> If anything, grouping together shipments of appliances destined to a same
>> country may work, but I don't think it might save us much.
>   in italy, only about 10% of packages actually arrive.  the rest are stolen.
>   in england, we had 10 packages sent out (2 years ago) to the uk - i
> think it was only about 2 of them went below the customs radar:
> everyone else had their package delayed.
> l.
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Is there a page somewhere that shows the amount of taxes you have to pay 
at customs in every country in the EU? It'd be interesting to know which 
country in the EU can be considered the cheapest to get a package from 

In Hungary it's actually 1.5% (customs) + 27% (VAT) if it is stopped by 
customs (and 0% if not of course)


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