[Arm-netbook] Mele a1000 Internals Question?

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Sun Feb 26 23:34:39 GMT 2012

sön 2012-02-26 klockan 13:21 -0600 skrev Ken Phillis Jr:
> 1) What is the 14-pin header near the UART port shown in the photo? Is
> it possible this is a JTAG port?

Looks very promising.

  Pin #1 connected to #13 with thick connection (power)

  All pins in the lower row except for #12 seems to be connected to the
surrounding ground plane.

And not sure if there is anything else besides pinheader missing.

> 2) What is the 6 pin header between the memory card slot and USB port
> number 3 on the board?

17J2(?) looks like it may be some kind of power connector judging from
the traces.

But according to the markings there is an unpopulated USB connector next
to it, and the data trails from that one runs straight into 17J2 which
is a bit confusing if 17J2 is power related.

> 3) The 4 unused pins next to the usb device. Is this possibly another
> usb header?

No idea.

There is only 3 USB controllers in A10. One OTG and two host.

> 4) The various unused pins on the board near the Mic pin and cvbs in
> pin.
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