[Arm-netbook] Allwinner A10- Video Decode

"Sztupák Sz. Zsolt" mail at sztupy.hu
Thu Feb 23 11:32:25 GMT 2012

2012.02.23. 11:43 keltezéssel, Vladimir Pantelic írta:
> Alejandro Mery wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 08:48, Vladimir Pantelic<vladoman at gmail.com>   wrote:
>>>   "Sztupák Sz. Zsolt" wrote:
>>>>>>     It's in the released Android 2.3.4 source code for the Aionol Novo7 Advanced
>>>>>     and would you have an url for me? :)
>>>>   http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/26366-novo-7-advanced-has-open-source-code/
>>>   hmm, except for tools.rar, everything else
>>>   seems to ask me for a login/password in
>>>   chinese... No other (sane) place to get
>>>   that?
>> try "ainol"
> no, the chinese download site as asking for username/password,
> it's not the zip file password...
> in the meantime I managed to download the tools and
> android2.3.4.tar.gz from:
> http://www.wupload.de/file/2622542662/android2.3.4.tar.gz
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You mean the 115 site? That is like a chinese dropbox, where you have to 
register first, to get access to uploaded files. It's useful to register 
as a lot of things gets released there, even official firmwares.


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