[Arm-netbook] u-boot spl bss section clean problem

Tom Cubie mr.hipboi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:13:15 GMT 2012

    i met this problem on u-boot spl. In u-boot relocate_code, there is
a routine clean the .bss section in start.S(code here[1]), but there is not
bss section in my build. The u-boot-spl.map file is  here [2]. I looked the
register when calling clear_bss routine, r0 and r1 are both 0x50000000, so
the clear loop never stops. Can anyone tell me why no bss section after the
buid? The u-boot code is at [3].

[1] http://nopaste.us/5923.html
[2] http://nopaste.us/5922.html

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