[Arm-netbook] Make A10 boot-able image tool

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Fri Feb 17 16:02:42 GMT 2012

fre 2012-02-17 klockan 14:28 +0000 skrev Justin Cormack:

> Agreed about uboot. Just run Linux.
> In the boot process on the wiki, what is the point of the boot.axf
> step? Could we just run Linux from boot1? (or even boot0?).

What Tom is doing at the moment is to rewrite boot0 and onwards, dodging
the openness issues of the existing bootloader.

The cpu runs BROM on reset.

BROM loads SPL from the boot media. SPL configures DRAM and what else
needs to be initialized for the CPU to function like what we know of as
a CPU.

SPL then loads another program. For flexibility we want some kind of
boot loader, but may just as well load a kernel directly if you like,
assuming all the hardware setup we need fits in SPL.

The discussion on which full bootloader to use is secondary. For now we
use u-boot as it's already available for A10. It's easy to replace 


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