[Arm-netbook] microSD breakout board, suitable for debugging using tablets.

lkcl luke luke.leighton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 00:00:13 GMT 2012

2012/2/14 Alejandro Martínez <zen at itram.es>:
> Funny, now the reverse thing happens.
> With the new disp.ko:
> -freezes when insmodding lcd.ko if fbmem is set
> -can insmod lcd but freezes when writing to fb0 (while writing, not
> even later) with fbmem not set
> yet *the same kernel* works on Android perfectly.

 bizarre.  maybe they bypassed (don't use) fb0.

 what about writing directly to the screen's memory address?
/proc/kmem i think it is.  make sure you use the right addresses, real
/ virtual addresses.


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