[Arm-netbook] [review] SoC proposal

lkcl luke luke.leighton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 23:31:30 GMT 2012

ok, i spoke to tensilica today, just to give them a heads-up more than
anything else.

i found out that the base-band extensions (BB16) are veery
application-specific, although staggeringly good: the inputs and
outputs for the baseband DSP processing aren't connected to any caches
or anything like that, so it would be a bugger to program.

that just leaves the other optional functional units, and the option
of either doing 32, 64 or 128-bit wide VLIW which would i think be
both kinda fun and scary at the same time, but would get
stinkingly-good performance for the power budget.

also they very kindly pointed out that the entire toolset is
downloadable (including the c / c++ compiler).


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