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> http://www.tensilica.com/uploads/pdf/LX4.pdf - i'm just reading what's
> on page 1, in the bottom left-hand corner.  um... i'm having a bit of
> conceptual difficulty understanding what 100 Giga-MACs is, when
> compared to say... the engines you find in a GPU.
> could someone be kind enough to explain it to me, using like...
> y'know, words with only a few syllables, and maybe paint some pretty
> pictures?  i'm trying not to sound flippant but i just can't get my
> head round such monstrously-large numbers.
> l.
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According to my very rough estimation 100 Giga-MACs performance is at least
equivalent to the performance of AMD Radeon HD 6250 GPU. That is the GPU
used in AMD G-Series SoC - the one you have chosen for future EOMA-68 SoCs.
(I suggest you have to ask Xtensa about what stays behind "100 Giga-MACs
performance" - 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-core configuration?)

How is the comparision done? GFLOPS (Giga floating-point operations per
second) is a theoretical measure used in comparisions between
GPUs/CPUs.  AMD Radeon HD 6250 GPU has performance of 45 GFLOPS at maximum
of 400 MHz. In AMD G-Series SoC the GPU even operates at lower speed: 280

Giga-MACs to GFLOPS ratio is 2:1 according to this source:
AMD graphcis cards specifications:


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