[Arm-netbook] microSD breakout board, suitable for debugging using tablets.

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Fri Feb 10 15:08:03 GMT 2012

fre 2012-02-10 klockan 12:40 +0000 skrev lkcl luke:

>  yay!  let me put that on the wiki (btw, it would be good if people
> did likewise - the mailing list is a nice place to tell people but
> it's absolutely impossible to actually run a project *purely* from a
> mailing list - valuable information esp tools like this *has* to be
> organised.)
>  anyway: then reversing that should also be a reasonably straightfoward task?

I would think so yes.

Or even replace the whole initialization after boot0. The registers of
the I/O muxer is documented. I do not have documentation on the dram
controller however so some reversing of boot1 may be needed there to
figure out the details.


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