[Arm-netbook] "allwinner's A10" codenamed "sun4i crane", linux kernel v2.6.36 patch available

Juan Carlos Mendez jcmendez at locatel.biz
Wed Nov 30 08:51:30 GMT 2011

This night I did some tests.
Now, I've downloaded  (thanks for your efforts, Luke )  the 2 repositories


but every time I'm more confused...

On the one hand:
The "allwinner/v2.6.36"  is a complete kernel but serveral files are 
missing and lot of them must to be patched...

on the one hand:
   The "allwinner/android/v2.6.36"  is a INcomplete kernel... It looks 
as a differential snapshot of the files... Mainly contains Kconfig and 
Makefile  files and the rest of the code is missing...

I merged both repositories  and now the .config  checks sucessfully and 
we can use   the "make menuconfig"  to enable or disable options more 
But still several files are missing  (for example,  the now infamous   
arch/arm/mach-sun4i/pin/sys_config_verify_ddr3.bin  )
However, even adding the missing files still fails to compile

I don't know if I'm understanding  well what wewant to achieve...

  We want to get an Android kernel from a Linux base kernel

  or ... we want to get a more Linux like kernel  from an android kernel 

  or ... something in the middle...

  or... none of the above

The problem is I now have  lots of  kernel versions ( 6 or more )  but 
all are different,  all are imcomplete  and all fails in several stages 
of compilation...
Probably with pieces from one or the other I can get a functional 
version ... but wasteof time, right?

Is not there a full, complete  and compilable kernel version (either 
from an Android kernel sources or elsewhere) that we can use as a 
starting point?


El 29/11/11 17:13, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton escribió:
> lkcl at free:~/allwinner/linux-stable$ git push armnetbook
> allwinner/android/v2.6.36
> Counting objects: 3249, done.
> Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
> Compressing objects: 100% (1194/1194), done.
> Writing objects: 100% (1812/1812), 281.44 KiB, done.
> Total 1812 (delta 691), reused 18 (delta 2)
> To git+ssh://lkcl-guest@git.debian.org/git/arm-netbook/arm-netbook.git
>   * [new branch]      allwinner/android/v2.6.36 ->  allwinner/android/v2.6.36
> lkcl at free:~/allwinner/linux-stable$
>   done too, what the heck, might as well.
>   ok see how you get on with that, juan.  hua, let me know if that works as well?
>   l.
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