[Arm-netbook] "allwinner's A10" codenamed "sun4i crane", linux kernel v2.6.36 patch available

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:13:17 GMT 2011

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 10:53 AM, Juan Carlos Mendez
<jcmendez at locatel.biz> wrote:
> Well,  the idea of a unified repository where we can do the test ...
> sounds good for me...

 good man.

> Ok... I just added me  to alioth. My account name is
>         juanky-guest

 you're a star - added.

 ok, so it's an alexandre project [sourceforge] on alioth, so the SCM
page is here:

 i did an update a few days ago, pushed tag 2.6.36 to the arm-netbooks
repository: if you could start from that then create a branch ooo let
me see... allwinner/2.6.36 or something - allwinner/sun4i/2.6.36 or
juanky/allwinner/2.6.36 i'm sure you'll think of something.

 i don't know if you're familiar with git (properly) or not, so please
don't imagine that i'm telling you how to suck eggs, here :)  but,
please, could you:

 * check out the 2.6.36 tag (git checkout 2.6.36)
 * make a branch (git checkout -b allwinner/sun4i/2.6.36 or other)
 * then run the "original" patch
 * git commit ... please... with a meaningful message :)
 * git push
 * then commit the mods you've been making
 * git push

the reason is that i would like to be able to submit a patch back to
allwinner, for improvements / corrections, and that means going from
where they already are, rather than from where _you_ are now :)

soo... eeeverything has to be recorded.

thanks juan.


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