[Arm-netbook] "allwinner's A10" codenamed "sun4i crane", linux kernel v2.6.36 patch available

Juan Carlos Mendez jcmendez at locatel.biz
Tue Nov 29 07:24:32 GMT 2011

the  Kconfig files  are used  by the "make menuconfig"  to show the menu 
options to build the .config file.

After a few tests   ii found several Kconfig files ( at least   
arch/arm/Kconfig ,   drivers/usb/Kconfig   and drivers/mmc/Kconfig ) 
must to be patched.

To workaround it.... I modified  the script files  to   skip the   
checks  of the .config  file  by the scripts/kconfig/conf  tool.

Also is needed apply this patch to get the kernel starts to compile

--- a/arch/arm/Makefile	2011-02-18 00:14:38.000000000 +0100
+++ b/arch/arm/Makefile	2011-11-28 15:32:54.699231488 +0100
@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_SHMOBILE) 	:= shmobile
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_STMP378X)		:= stmp378x
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_STMP37XX)		:= stmp37xx
+machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_SUN4I)		:= sun4i
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_TEGRA)		:= tegra
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_U300)		:= u300
  machine-$(CONFIG_ARCH_U8500)		:= ux500

but finally the compilation fails because the file  
arch/arm/mach-sun4i/pin/sys_config_verify_ddr3.bin   is missing.

And now I'm stucked at this point.

Any ideas?

El 25/11/11 16:12, hua wang escribió:
> "make menuconfig" is used to generate .config file.your patch did not 
> modify the arch/arm/Kconfig file.if we do not modify the 
> arch/arm/Kconfig file, then the kernel options menu "system type" will 
> not have allwinner's A10.other allwinner's device drivers are the same.

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