[Arm-netbook] 9nov11: progress on allwinner A10

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Sat Nov 12 21:52:42 GMT 2011

 On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 18:12:06 +0100, Michelle Konzack 
 <linux4michelle at tamay-dogan.net> wrote:

>> I still think that putting NAND on for the sake of putting NAND on 
>> just
>> because it's cheap is a false economy. Given it isn't replaceable, 
>> it
>> would have to, IMO, offer very substantial performance benefits 
>> compared
>> to the easily replaceable alternatives (i.e. SD/uSD card).
> Sorry, but I use 16 GByte NAND Flash with my MV78200 and it is nearly 
> 3
> times faster then the miniSDHC and miniSDXC cards.

 If it is 3x faster than SD cards that still makes it about 300x slower 
 than a proper SSD.

> 1)  NAND is good for the Operating system to boot up or load programs
> 2)  SDxx cards are good for storage and always changing data

 For an embedded system where the OS doesn't change often, sure. But if 
 you are running Fedora and you do yum update you might as well leave it 
 overnight. Same goes for Ubuntu and apt. I am still unconvinced that the 
 W and $ budget wouldn't be better spent elsewhere...


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