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Hello Luke,

Am 2011-11-06 03:46:20, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>  zynq 7030, it is from xilinx, it has a dual-core cortex A9 (800mhz)
> built-in, and will be 28nm.  absolutely amazing CPU.

Ah OK.  This should be enough to build a PCIe based GPU  :-D  with 24bit
RGB-Interface, HDMI and whatever version of VGA output...

Hmm, I am serarching for a solution to drive a "Samsung Syncmaster 305T"
(2560x1920 pixel resolution; requires Dual DVI) with an ARM-Controller.

Unfortunately I do not know how to code with FPGAs. Absolutely ZERO clue

> > But the best ARM as server is currently the MV78200 with two PCIe 4x  or
> > up to eight PCI 1x and of course, it can use standard SO-DIMM as memory.
>  oh wait - how much power does this 2.5ghz CPU use?

Currently I do not know exactly but the WHOLE Development  Board  around
~24 Watt, because the manufacturer told me, for now I have to ignore the
Power consumation because the FPGA sucks much more as the final version.

What about Samsung with there new Cortex A15?

I have not found any infos about it because I  have  unconfirmed  Infos,
that this Dual-Core is 2,5 GHz too and can be used for Cloud-Servers.

If the link is working:
the Servers on the right image are some of my IBM x335  and  x345  where
the x345 with 6x 300 GByte SCSI and Raid-5 plus 1  HotFix  is  consuming
250 W/h. The servers are my Cloud based on

1)  1x x335     as Admin Server          120 Watt
2)  1x x335     as PostgreSQL            140 Watt
3)  1x x335     as http/mail Proxy       130 Watt
4)  1x x335     as DNS Server            120 Watt
5)  7x x345     as Storage              1750 Watt
6)  1x 3Com 3c17701 (4924) GE Switch      70 Watt
7)  1x Monitor                            50 Watt
                                        2380 Watt
                                      x  730 h/month
                                      x 22,8 ¢/kWh
                        = 400 Euro Electricity per month

I have urgently the need for arround 200-400 SMALL  ARM   based  Servers
and even if I can attach only two 500 GByte SAS drives in Raid-1 per µC.

My idea is, to build those servers based on Euro-Cards of  100x160mm  or
maybe 100x220mm for which I can get  standard  19"  Lab-Racks  and  even
Ready-To-Use backplanes.  If I count 30.2mm/Server (2 HDDs) it would  be
14 Servers with external PSU...  This makes 14 TByte of storage  maximum
with a power consumation of maximal 250 Watt if all 14 Srvers are  under
full load (2x 4W for the HDDs, 10W for the MV78200, 1 GB SO-DIMM) and  I
can run each customer on its own Server...

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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