[Arm-netbook] ARM Laptop : 14'' Nufront Newton (was RE: 1ghz ARM Laptop (12in 1280x800 LCD))

Alejandro Mery amery at geeks.cl
Wed Feb 9 11:12:04 GMT 2011

Dear Guillaume,

El 09/02/11 08:48, Guillaume FORTAINE escribió:
> -1Ghz ARM Laptop
> As previously mentioned by Forum Blogarm.net, there is Nufront
> [2] with their NuSmart 2816 SoC (2x2Ghz Cortex A9, Data Brief in
> English) [3].
> And, if your are lazy, like me, you will directly buy a 14''
> Nufront Newton [4] (Rock Yang, yuxin.yang at nufront.com, VP
> Marketing) [5].

My main concern with Nufront is if they will cooperate for giving 
their SoC (and device) good open source support, or if they'll be 
just another proud GPL violator leaving owners limited to their 
interest in keeping the software up-to-date, or like with via 
chipsets (openchrome case) one has to be happy with mediocreo video 
support in anything beside linux because of their unwillingness to 
open the specs.

At least I have already many 7"-12" bookends collecting dust in the 
shelf already and even if the specs of the NuSmart seem attractive, 
I really don't want another unless I'll be able to use it and hack 
on it using all the power the hardware allows, and not what the IP 
(Intellectual Poverty) decides to grant us.

Even if I consider 14" too large to be carried arround I would 
indeed buy that NuSmart if it ever becomes available (for 
international buyers) and they are cooperative to the open source 

Best regards,
Alejandro Mery

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