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Wed Feb 9 07:48:13 GMT 2011


Let me introduce myself : Guillaume FORTAINE, Engineer in Computer Science.

I have read with interest the topic started by Mister Leighton entitled " 1ghz ARM Laptop (12in 1280x800 LCD)" and I would greatly appreciate to share my conclusions with you.

First of all, I would want to mention that except the comments of Mister Sealey, coming from a really smart engineer, everything else seems to belong to a "geeky" dream with a lot of misconceptions too numerous to mention.

But to come back to the "1ghz ARM Laptop" topic :

-12in 1280x800

a) You have already 10.1in screens with 1280x720 resolution support [0]

b) You even have 10.1in screens with 1366x768 resolution support [1]

-1Ghz ARM Laptop

As previously mentioned by Forum Blogarm.net, there is Nufront [2] with their NuSmart 2816 SoC (2x2Ghz Cortex A9, Data Brief in English) [3].

And, if your are lazy, like me, you will directly buy a 14'' Nufront Newton [4] (Rock Yang, yuxin.yang at nufront.com, VP Marketing) [5].

Best Regards,

[0] http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/netbook/2011/Acer/Aspire/AspireOneAO522/AspireOneAO522sp2.shtml
[1] http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-duo/pd
[2] http://lists.phcomp.co.uk/pipermail/arm-netbook/2011-January/000823.html
[3] http://um00i1.chinaw3.com/Nufront_NuSmartTM_2816_EN.pdf
[4] http://www.netbooknews.com/17640/14-nufront-newton-with-the-dual-core-cortex-a9/
[5] http://cn.linkedin.com/pub/rock-yang/8/236/93a

Guillaume FORTAINE
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> Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 16:32:55 +0000
> From: luke.leighton at gmail.com
> To: gordan at bobich.net
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> Subject: Re: [Arm-netbook] [fedora-arm] 1ghz ARM Laptop (12in 1280x800 LCD)
> On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 4:02 PM, Gordan Bobic  wrote:
> > Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> >
> >>> Unfortunately, I'm not a hardware hacker. But, as a consumer, I'd say
> >>> that a "1gb NAND Flash" is quite a bit below the level. I also wouldn't care
> >>> much about a 1280x720 screen if the hardware wouldn't be capable of playing
> >>> the video flawlessly. Or, if there was an HDMI port to connect to TV, which
> >>> is, in my taste, better suited for watching.
> >>
> >>  yep - all the designs i've worked on, and all the CPUs found (so far)
> >> were selected precisely because of the HDMI output capability.  i'd
> >> kinda ruled out the spea1310 because you need an extra IC converting
> >> LCD to DVI/HDMI or even *shudder* a PCI-e graphics IC (volari Z11 god
> >> help us is about the only free-software-compatible option)
> >
> > I was just thinking about that, actually. If you're making a custom mobo,
> > then as long as you can find an ARM SoC tht has PCI-e, you could just apply
> > an MXM module and plug in an ATI or Nvidia GPU for which we already have
> > passably working OSS drivers.
> >
> > Of course, this defeats the purpose of the exercise - who in their right
> > mind would use a 2W CPU with a 30W+ GPU in a laptop?
> *ROTFL*. yyep. the volari z11 is what ended up in the openrd
> ultimate, for pretty much these reasons. yes, i've been looking
> around for an IC that does 3D graphics at lower power. there are a
> couple from broadcomm but broadcomm are a f*****g nightmare to work
> with. their attitude can be summarised as "your product will fail,
> therefore we are not interested".
> it's very interesting that it's been the U.S. companies whose
> attitude has been "your product will fail, therefore we do not wish to
> be involved". i find this fascinating.
> >>  gordon is right about the SD/MMC card thing, but the "level 10" ones
> >> can at least guarantee above 10mbytes/sec *read* capability.   so
> >> _yes_ to the SATA interface.
> >
> > The 10MB/s is _supposed_ to be for worst-case sequential writes. There is,
> > however, no defined benchmark, and manufacturers are free to do their own
> > testing. Most fail any sane real-world measurements of the specification.
> oops.
> > I'm glad we agree on anything other than SATA being unworkable. :)
> weell, i'm covering all the angles. genesyslogic's ICs are about $1
> - $1.50 even in small volumes so it's not as if it'll break the bank
> by putting one on the motherboard, in the case where the CPU itself
> doesn't have SATA.
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