[Arm-netbook] 12in laptop story

Alejandro Mery amery at geeks.cl
Wed Feb 2 14:32:22 GMT 2011

El 31/01/11 16:19, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton escribió:
> folks hi,
> been very quiet on this list because i have been working behind the
> scenes, putting the pieces together for an ARM-based 12in 1280x800
> laptop.  there are several "great" 1024x600 ARM laptops out there, but
> absolutely _zero_ laptops with resolutions above that.  with the
> possible exception of some Android tablets that are riding off the
> back of the mass-production of ippads, but that's 8in 1024x768 and
> comes with an expensive capacitive touchpanel and, usually, an iMX515.

Hi Luke,

it would be very nice if you would make a "full disclosure" about 
your project, intentions, intentions for the community and for genesi.

also It would be nice to have an idea of the timeframes you have in 
mind and if, after the components are chosen, we will be able to get 
engineering prototypes of the board or engineering samples of the 
actual device, specification, etc etc

None of us is probably interested in yet another CT-PC89E or Gdium, 
but a ${foo}board like those from designsomething.org (3rd 
incarnation of Efika maybe) using good modern but realistic (and 
oss-friendly) components powering your 12" netbook and maybe other 
devices could be very³ interesting.

Alejandro Mery

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