[Arm-netbook] Seatron SO-DIMM reverse-engineering page: http://elinux.org/CT-PC89E_SO-DIMM

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 31 21:08:28 BST 2010

i've started with a multimeter to reverse-engineer the pinouts of the
CT-PC89E and thus the Seatron S3C6410 SO-DIMM, the page is here:

this is necessary to be able to do a replacement SO-DIMM, whether it
be with an OMAP35xx or a Samsung S5xxxx or anything.  if anyone would
like to help, the tools recommended are:

* blindfold (for left or right eye)
* pen and ruler for marking the SO-DIMM with 5-pin gradients
* bright light
* magnifying glass
* lots of patience.
* datasheets DM9000DEP and LVDS83B and others found so far.


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