[Arm-netbook] SO-DIMM Upgrade Proposal: CT-PC89E with an 833mhz S5PC100 and 1gb of RAM - anyone interested?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 30 16:38:45 BST 2010

ok, i decided that this is worth going ahead with, and i'd like to
know if anyone would be interested in taking a bit of a risk (which
will only mean more money, nothing else) and we commission a hardware
engineer i know, who happens to be doing a PDA using the _exact_ same
S5PC100 CPU, to create a cut-down version of the project he's doing
and make it into an SO-DIMM.

i have $2500 that i'm prepared to pay the hardware engineer for his
time to do the design: that _won't_ however be enough to cover the
cost of PCBs and components.  each PCB revision will likely be around
... $500 (i have to find out) for 10 boards, and the components at
sample-pricing rates for each are likely to be.... guessing... $100
(instead of $40 or so in mass-volume).

whatever the prices come out at (i've asked the hardware engineer to
price things up), would anyone be interested in getting a stonking
upgrade to their CT-PC89E, turning it into a device which has 1gb of
NAND flash, can take a Micro-SD card actually on the SO-DIMM (so, no
more bricking), 1gb of DDR RAM and the possibility of a 1gb S5PC110
rather than the slower 833mhz S5PC100.  bear in mind that picking the
faster CPU, it will obviously be slightly more expensive.

like i said: this hardware engineer _happens_ to already be doing a
PDA using near-as-damnit the exact same components that are required:
the PDA has WIFI and LVDS etc. etc. all of which won't be needed,
because those are already on the CT-PC89E motherboard.

anyone interested, please say "aye", and say what specs you'd want,
and what the maximum amount is that you'd be willing to pay to get it
done.  i'm putting $2500 towards the project.   bear in mind that i've
asked the hardware designer if he's prepared to do the SO-DIMM design
as GPL-v3 licensed.


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