[Arm-netbook] LCD goes haywire after inactivity

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 06:38:49 BST 2010

> (PLEASE don't use top-posting. It really makes replies a lot more annoying 
> to read.)
> On Tuesday 30 March 2010, Adam Gill wrote:
>> Yes I have LCD problem on Debian on my netbook ........ Debian is more
>> or less up and runnung .... but after 30 mins+ screen freezes and i get
>> 4 varying vertical blocks of colour .... reset and power on .... can
>> boot again
> Is that with X.Org running or not?
> Did you install Lenny or Squeeze? Are you running anything at all at that 
> time or just logged into a simple VT?
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seems strange to answer at the bottom of the email !....

just logging in with nothing running.... even on log in page without 
logging in .. same result!

installed lenny ........... with XFCE desktop
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