[Arm-netbook] LCD goes haywire after inactivity

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 05:19:41 BST 2010

Yes I have LCD problem on Debian on my netbook ........ Debian is more 
or less up and runnung .... but after 30 mins+ screen freezes and i get 
4 varying vertical blocks of colour .... reset and power on .... can 
boot again


Frans Pop wrote:
> (Public reply to private mail.)
> On Monday 29 March 2010, Michael Howard wrote:
>> There is some kind of issue with the screen on the netbook with the last
>> couple of kernels/installers. At least with my netbook. If you leave it
>> without touching it for a while, it goes into what a assume is some kind
>> of power saving mode whereby the the screen blanks and the only way to
>> recover is an underside reset. It's done it now whilst I was copying the
>> pics over to  the web server.
>> I'll try and replicate the other situations.
> I've seen that too while working on the graphical installer. You can still 
> ssh into the system and do a 'poweroff' (for the installer: assuming you 
> loaded and activated the network-console component...).
> I very much doubt it's a regression as there have been no changes that 
> should affect this. But if you have a kernel with which it does not occur, 
> that would be a good data point.
> I suspect it is related to running X.Org and having that activate DPMS 
> powersaving for the LCD, which the kernel does not (yet) support 
> correctly. It happens after exactly 10 minutes of inactivity, so that 
> would make it the screen blanking kicking in.
> It would be good to confirm that it does not happen with the "regular" 
> installer or when simply logged in to an installed system on the console.
> Cheers,
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