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On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 11:23:12PM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 10:47 PM, Forum Blogarm.net <forum at blogarm.net> wrote:
> > Thank you.
> > I think seeing this "tiny band of merry men" trying to build a really
> > good alternative to the Wintel domination encourage the blogarm.net
> > community.
> > You are doing a very good job with this chipset.
> > We usualy saw the S3C6410 on SmartQ5 and it wasn't very impressive.
> > But when I saw the video of the CT-PC89e, i just thought Wow ! You can
> > do that with
> > a S3C6410 !
> > So I'm really interested by the CT-PC89e and i would like to know a
> > little more
> > about the progress of your project.
> > Did you succeed to get a more powerful samsung chipset ?
> > And did you fix all sleep issues about the actual version of the S3C6410 ?
> > What is the battery life ?
> >
> > We are very interested to make a grouped order.
>  ok - weeelll, now it gets interesting.
>  first things first: the kernel we have had to reverse-engineer,
> because chitech turn out to be GPL violators.  at some point we'll get
> the mer-smartq kernel updates with the accelerated xf86 s3c64xx xorg
> driver, but that will be a while yet.
>  _but_ chitech are no longer talking to us because they are now under
> investigation by the FSF over the GPL violations _but_ that's okay
> because we've found that designers, Si-Chang (also known as Seatron)
> _also_ can provide the exact same hardware, and adam is going to talk
> to them later this week.

Do they sell the DIMM module seperately, and if so, do they provide a
pinout if other people want to use it?
>  so, we will now be doing two things:
>  1) transferring attention to seatron, to negotiate with them, see if
> they would like to do an S5PC100/110 or S5PV210 upgraded SO-DIMM, work
> with them to fix the hardware errors we found in the design (DM9000
> has wrong capacitors, and the S3C6410 watchdog timer is NOT being
> used!)

I'd be careful, the DM9000 design guides say something huge (iirc, 100uF)
for the regulator out decoupling, but this may be overkill for the worst
case. It may be there's some decoupling nearer the magnetics than the
DM9000. There could be other layout issues involved with the ethernet.

WRT to the watchdog, I belive the watchdog should generate an internal
reset to reboot the device, so it would be interesting to find out why
it isn't working.
>  2) begin a project like the openpandora, to ask people "what do you
> want?" and then get it made / buy the components and assemble it.
>  perhaps 1 merges with 2, who knows.
>  so, actually, if you are willing to get together for a group order
> then that is perfect - it is exactly what i was hoping that there
> would be people out there willing to do that: now of course, the
> important question is: what _do_ you want, and for how much? :)
>  i was hoping to set up a web site with a calculator on it to inform
> people, but things are moving quickly already, waah!
>  l.
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