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Sun Mar 28 23:47:00 BST 2010

Thank you.
I think seeing this "tiny band of merry men" trying to build a really 
good alternative to the Wintel domination encourage the blogarm.net 
You are doing a very good job with this chipset.
We usualy saw the S3C6410 on SmartQ5 and it wasn't very impressive.
But when I saw the video of the CT-PC89e, i just thought Wow ! You can 
do that with
a S3C6410 !
So I'm really interested by the CT-PC89e and i would like to know a 
little more
about the progress of your project.
Did you succeed to get a more powerful samsung chipset ?
And did you fix all sleep issues about the actual version of the S3C6410 ?
What is the battery life ?

We are very interested to make a grouped order.

> addition, mr blogarm.net to this
> tiny band of merry men / foools :)  quite like the site, with the
> links to various arm netbooks, it's a useful resource: thank you.
> l.
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