[Arm-netbook] Netbook / PSU Dead

Teis Dreijer teis at dreijer.dk
Sun Mar 28 12:05:12 BST 2010

When the netbook is powered off I see no red glow. I have not been able
to tell a difference in temperature on the psu - unplugged versus
charging the battery and powering the screen/machine.

On Sun, 2010-03-28 at 11:53 +0100, Michael Howard wrote:
> I've just re-installed lenny and left the netbook sat at the login 
> prompt for half an hour. It was connected to the power supply. On my 
> return, it had switched itself off and refuses to switch on.
> I'm assuming (hoping) the battery is flat and that the power supply is 
> dead. Can someone confirm that, with the psu plugged in and the netbook 
> switched off, you get the red glow? I currently don't get anything and 
> the psu is cold.
> Cheers,

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