[Arm-netbook] Success with booting CT-PC89E from SD card!!!

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 05:30:37 BST 2010

For the boot process  .. just need to use power button on my machine .. 
no need to press the L/R buttons

Here's a confirmation picture to go with it ....

I have been able to boot with my SD card after Luke gave me a specific 
dd command specific for my SD card - all SD cards seem to be different 
... Luke has the calculation ...

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the logo appear .... I had 
already destoyed some of the track where the soldering points were meant 
to be ... and I was sodering straight onto the resistors! ... using a 
watchmakers eye glass to see what i was doing ...

So right now I have  a Logo but nothing else ....... I need clear, VERY 
SIMPLE to follow step by step instructions how to reinstall the OS ... I 
mean a real OS!!

So this proves beyond doubt that the SD can boot the CT-PC89E? .... 
unless I still had some remnants of u-boot code on my nand flash which 
was still being referred to .....

Very good news!!!


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