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Hello Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton,

Am 2010-03-26 18:52:12, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> >> * 720mhz OMAP3530 + 256mb POP DDR2 RAM: $65.   insanely expensive.
> > How do you count the price and in which quantity?
>  http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/omap3530.html
>  $50 for 1k units of the 3530 720mhz !!!  i counted $15 as a rough
> guess for POP DDR2 RAM.  but... actually, duhh, you don't _really_
> need to do that, so you could use "ordinary" DDR2, so make that ....
> mmm $8.  so... that's $58 and it's _still_ wayyy too expensive.

I was thinking to use the standard version  because  I  like  to  attach
1 GByte of memory but all DDR2 memory chips I have found  where  maximal
2 GBit which mean I need 8 of them.

The Armada 300 is bigger and can handel 2 GByte of DDR2 (= 16 chips)  but
I realy find it discouraging, that it does  not  support  SO-Dimm  memory
like the MV78200.

> > The OMAP 3530 has one and this interface make the µC expensive
>  that and the fact that it's a whopping great bit of silicon, double
> the size of anything else, thanks to the DSP.

The OMAP 3530 is a killer and can handel 12 MPixel Image-Sensors (YUV)

> > Avnet-Memec/Marvel told me, better to use one of the Armada series where
> > I have a range from 600 to 2000MHz and if I realy want to use a  SO-Dimm
> > based system, the PCB can made compatibel to fit ANY Armada's.
>  _excellent_.  what's the volume pricing on those?  1k, 10k, will they
> tell you?  and what power consumption?

Avnet-Memec can not answer, because it is handelt directy by Marvel with
quantities of 1000+.

I had a call from Marvel App-Support and there  are  some  options  even
droping the price a little bit if it is for OLPC.

    => I think publicity for Marvel against Freescale.

> > ...but I do not suggest a 600MHz µC.  So if OMAP 3530 then a 720MHz.
>  the OMAP3530 is just far too expensive - i put it in for illustrative
> purposes only.

But it has a realy nice speed.  I own an EVKit of the small version  and
it alredy speed up...

> > Marvel is currently powering the Armada Series (I read it in there news)
> > and ongoing to build there own Netbook based on it.
>  good!  we can stop all this discussion and just go buy it! :)

I have ask them which chips is currently powerd in the sales and waiting
for the answer.

>  ... of course, they will price it at $500 like the IBM Skylight, so
> that won't happen _but_, the thought will be there...

Not realy expensive...  I have a 8x8mm small DSP which cost 980 US$  but
it can sample in realtime 2 GigaSPS.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
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