[Arm-netbook] Booting from SD card with switch on so-dimm in other direction ...

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 02:38:29 GMT 2010

1. I have solderered 3 wires onto the area where the switch is meant to be.
2. Have tried open / close circuit on the 3 wires in different config. 
using Luke's suggestion for SD card formatting and the data on SD card.
3. I know the LCD is working ... cos if I repeadedly press the power 
button ... i get these funny cloudy image  appearing and some square 
blocks of colours which keep changing in colour and shape ....

Maybe my netbook is alive on some level ...


Frans Pop wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 March 2010, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>>> OK - my curiousity was suitably piqued by this, so I've created the
>>> 2GB SD card from the mmcblk0, I've rebooted my system with the mouse
>>> buttons pressed down at the same time as the power button.
> If that SO-DIMM switch is set then holding the buttons should probably not 
> be needed to get a boot of the SD card.
> On the other hand, as the u-boot on the SD card is identical to the one on 
> the Nand, I would still expect it to try and do the "firmware upgrade" 
> thing.
>>> I get no SD message, neither blue nor red. If I continue to press and
>>> hold, the logo flickers, then the green bar starts, and then it powers
>>> off (presumably because I have the power button pressed). If I let go
>>> of the buttons when the green bar appears, (it is about 1/3 of the way
>>> along the 'track') then the boot process completes and I can log in.
>>> The mounted filesystem is definitely on the NAND as I can create a
>>> file beforehand in a 'normal' boot, and it's present after this
>>> partial power+button boot. I would surmise that your likely sequence
>>> of events is correct.
> Maybe I'm missing something here, but what exactly in your description 
> proves that it booted from the SD card instead of the Nand?
> Or was this on the netbook that was previously dead?
> Are we really 100% certain that the conclusions are correct?
> Cheers,
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