[Arm-netbook] alternative SO-DIMMS

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 5 21:11:56 GMT 2010

> Currently I try to get from all  interesting  ARM  microcontrollers  the
> specs and reference designs, gerber files and whatelse because one of my
> ideas is, to build SO-Dimm modules with  different  microcontollers  but
> the same layout on the SO-Dimm pins.

> Then in effect it dose not more mather HOW I desing my TablePC,  PanelPC
> or a NetBook.  I can scale the performance of onDevice HOW I like.

  ... would you consider designing it using the ct-pc89e as the "reference"?

 seatron have already done two SO-DIMMs: one is with the SIRF Prima,
and another is with the S3C6410.  i've asked chitech if they wanted to
do one with an S5PC100, but they said they wanted a deposit and they
weren't sure about doing the linux kernel for it (i.e. they bought the
SODIMM design from seatron, along with kernel source, and don't have
the expertise to do their own).  so i asked adam if he could ask them
for the specs and pin-outs, and we just _give_ them an SODIMM design.


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