[Arm-netbook] Original ChiTech kernel available as Debian package

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Fri Apr 23 00:03:21 BST 2010

On Friday 23 April 2010, Michael Howard wrote:
> So why did it report that it was flashing and `'uname -r'
> report the same on after rebooting successfully?

Oops. You're right. Copy-and-paste error in the package. Fixed now.

> >> 2. Manually flashing the chitech kernel results in the boot hanging
> >> immediately on restart with initial 'G3' graphic displayed.
> >
> > It doesn't hang. It's waiting for input on VT1. As you cannot see
> > anything happening on VT1 because the ChiTech kernel does not support
> > VT1, it only appears to be hanging.
> Ok, fair enough, it's waiting for input on VT1, but it's gonna wait
> along time, I've decided to use it as a door stop :)

It's going to wait forever...
You really need to reset it and boot it with our kernel to fix the problem. 
It's probably failing the fsck because of that symlink issue I mentioned.

> I really don't have the inclination any more!

Oh, I agree. I gave up on the system a few weeks ago. There are simply too 
many issues with it [1], and IMO some have their root in the hardware (and 
probably cannot be fixed by replacing the S0-DIMM either).

I may continue to play around with it sometimes and if I do I will continue 
to post any results. But I doubt I will ever be able to use it for 
anything serious.

[1] Both with the original and our kernel.

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