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At the electronics shows i discussed this point with another company 
about getting source code and mention the problems we have been having 
... and they said 99% time in China you won't get source code as they 
have put all that time and money into getting their hardware to work  
with linux  ..... and this particular company did actually release the 
source code to their customer after an NDA was signed ....

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> also on the webcam: again, it is simply not true.  the problems that
> they have encountered are nothing to do with the hardware, the
> problems are because they are not releasing the source code in order
> for people to fix the problem _for_ them.
> we know what needs to be done - and they are preventing that from being done.
> the hardware is _perfectly_ capable of dealing with the OV776 cameras.
> l.

 looks positive.

 we need to pick up on them that restricting people on their personal
choice of 3G modem would NOT be a problem if they provided the linux
source code.

 by restricting that, they are _stopping_ potential customers from
buying the machine.


_*1. OS and Linux Kernal Source Code*_
a) I demonstated my 8.9 inch netbook's ability to run Debian Lenny OS 
installed instead of mid-fun OS. We were able to install the OS by
reverse engineering the SO-DIMM by measuring the pin outs, referring to 
generic source code and looking at the mid-fun OS. Unfortunately
progress has been very slow indeed as we have had trouble knowing where 
the pin outs on the SO-DIMM go - and at the moment Debian OS only 
partially works as we have not been able to reverse engineer all the 
hardware on the netbook yet. So we have months to go without the
original Linux Kernal Source Code to help us.
b) We have asked for the Linux Kernal Source Code from you. I know from 
the meeting that this is a difficuly issue to deal with - and we
understand fully your issues of other factories copying what you have 
done. But you have to bear in mind that your Linux Kernal will only work
with exacly your mother board configuration and all the hardware on it 
.... I don't really see that you will have a problem of other factories
copying, as I think they will have difficulty replicating exactly what 
you have done.
c) We are offering to help you to improve the Linux Kernal Source Code - 
there are many bugs in the system like the web cam not working,
LAN connection problems, other network issues, touch pad issues and a 
few others - the details of which can be seen in the bugs reports at the
end of this email.
d) With your Linux Kernal Source Code improved by our team of Linux 
Experts you will have a really fantastic netbook which you will have the 
option of offering your future customers several options of OS including 
mid-fun, Debian, Ubuntu and Android ...      


sorry,about source code, let me discuss with my collegue and need some 
times.it is difficult i think.

_*2. SO-DIM*_

a) We mentioned that we are making our own improved SO-DIM which will be 
compatible with your motherboard - our design will use S5PC110 or maybe 
your suggestion of S5PV210 processor.
b) What do you think about using Freescale iMX51 as the processor for 
the SO-DIMM?  iMax51 is a  good chipset,but it need USD21.0(with his PMU )
c) Our version will also have a micro SD slot for hard drive, 512MB RAM, 
Nand flash 2GB
d) Please supply the data sheet of the SO-DIMM so we can work out where 
each pin outs goes to  OK
e) Please supply a few blank SO-DIMM's (and SO-DIMM sockets) which we 
can  then send to our engineers so they can finish their design based on 
your SO-DIM OK
f) If you can supply some spare working SO-DIMM's that would be also 
very helpful for us also. OK

    I can give you the scheme of my hardware for your reference.

    _*3. Web Cam*_
    a) Our Linux eperts in the UK and Europe know exactly why the web
    cam cannot work for online applications. It's to do with the Linux
    Source Code not communicating correctly with the hardware - this is
    something we could easliy fix for you if we had the Linux Kernal Source
    Code from you. Our web cam is running but couldn't  work for online
    applications,It needs to add communication protocol stack in linux
    kernel.but because low computing capability of SAMSUNG's chipset ,we
    are going to do it on our next cortex A9 platform.
    b) Please supply some samples of web cam to us - the ones you intend
    to use with the netbook   OK, I will call some samples for you.
    c) What is the make & model number of the web cam.  camera module
    number is ov366 and using OV sensor.

    _*4. VGA Chip*_
    a) It was mentioned in the meeting that the VGA would be included in
    the orders as part of a standard configuration   OK,It is no problem.
    b) What is the make and model number of the  VGA chip?  CH7026
    c) On the 20 samples, some netbooks had VGA chip and some did not! 
    even has VGA chipset ,no porting in driver .
    5. GPS chipset_*

    a) What is the make & model number of the GPS chipset? 
    b) What is the additional cost to have this option?   

    In the future,we wouldn't design  GPS function into this board,sorry.

    _*6. Modems*_
    a) Need specs and pricing for a PCIe 3G/HSDPA modem    
    USD47.00(Huawei brand,WCDMA)
    b) Need specs and pricing for a PCIe EDGE/GPRS modem   Currently,we
    have not these modems
    c) USB on netbook will need to recognize USB 3G modem    all
    right,but must  it is a specific module number.
    d) USB will need to recognize 3G/GPRS mobile phone to USB cable - I
      all right,It has OTG  or host function

    *_7. WI-FI_*

    It was mentioned there are two options for WI-FI - PCIe and WI-FI
    a) What is the make and model number of the WI-FI chipset?     
    Realink / RT2070
    8. RJ45*_

    a) The adaptor for LAN connection will be improved - we had several
    failures due to bad contact connection as the dongle was far too heavy
    and loose connection.
    b) One of our experts has noticed that some components on the
    motherboard for LAN are not correct or missing  

    thank you very much,we will improve this function.

    *_9. 3G SIM card slot

    a) You gave us two samples of the 3G sim card slot. We may need to
    get samples for the other 20 netbooks we purchased before.  ok, we
    can  supply to you.
    b)  Is this now a a standard item in the netbook?  yes, it is
    standard slot.

    _*10. More samples of Samsung 8.9" netbook*_

    We may be interested in more samples of the netbook. Please quote
    for samples price. Can we have the same sample price as we were
    buying for the 20 sets we purchased at Chinese New Year?

    yes,the same price for you,when do you need these samples?

    *_11. Mass production unit cost of Samsung 8.9" netbook_*

    We will discuss this more once we have a de-bugged kernal. In the
    meeting you indicated for MOQ 1K, the unit cost is USD 112.00 and for
    20K around USD 100.00.


    _*12. Bug reports *_

    Here is a lot of feedback with issues with the 8.9" netbook:

    Thank you very much,we will follow up these bugs.

    _*13. OS, Firmware, and Unfinished reverse engineered source code*_


    _*14. YouTube videos of 8.9" netbook*_



    If you decide to send us some blank and working SO-DIMMS/SO-DIMM
    connectors, and Linux Kernal Source Code, then please send to my
    address below.

    We really hope we can make some progress now!

    With best regards,
    Adam Gill

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