[Arm-netbook] Report from meeting with Seatron and another factory ...

Baybal Ni nikulinpi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 04:15:19 BST 2010

About the screen. Are you guys really pursuing a touchscreen device?
This today adds not too much of cash, but as I remember you were
targeting sub 200$ sector? Here, every $ is counted, if you can go
cheaper for non critical parts, go.

Also 3G. Not in many countries today there are cheap or anyhow usable
3G, even in Europe. My advice here is to go for cheap, energy
efficient BT+WIFI chip and make 3G optional, because there are no
cheap 3 in 1 solutions for now and it will be cheaper to buy them
separately just to cut logistics price.

> ???  I run a webcam on a 200 MHz microcontroller without  any  problems,
> except if you swicht to VGA moduls of 640x480/16M.
> Oh, it is a Atmel AT91SAM9263 with 4" (470x272/16M) of 8"  (800x600716M)
> Display...  Both with TouchScreen.
> With the upgrade of the so-dim with 1GHz and other features ... and
> now option of GPS - isn't this enough for an improved ST-PC89e?
> The 10" version is actually a brand new project.
> Hmmm, I am already working on such design, but as TabletPC in format  A4
> (300x210x25mm) but using the Marvel Armada Series (not 300).
> I like to get the maximum size of a TFT into this format, so  if  anyone
> can recommend me transmissive Displays with a physical dimension of less
> then 260x190mm (~12") and a resolution of up to 1024x768 please  let  me
> know.
> I have source some touch screens  - will accept just overlay? or you need
> built in touch screen ...
> I can buy just the replacement touch screen for mobile phone/pda in Shenzhen
> -- and maybe this area have larger size also ...
> what model is nearest to what you want? I think i-pad replacement lcd will
> be availavle soon and that size is closer to what you want?

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