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Sun Apr 4 10:44:36 BST 2010

Hi everyones,

BlogARM.net is a french blog about smartbooks and other arm devices. Our 
goal is to provide news and informations to the french community. We 
also want to help open sources projects that's around arm devices, by 
hosting or promote these projects for instance.

I'm following your different topics and i can see that you preparing 
some smartbooks and tablet devices. So i just want to say that, if you 
want free hosting for your project website, blogARM.net can help. We can 
also host domain names, but you will have to buy it.
If your interested, we feature FTP access, MySQL/PHP and subdomain names 
like http://pc89e.blogarm.net (it doesn't exist so don't click on it).

If you succeed to create a Marvell 1,6Ghz smartbook, be sure that the 
blogARM.net community will be interested in buying one, but with AZERTY 
keyboard of course.

Like we say in french, "What you're doing is cool".

Best Regards,


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