[Arm-netbook] One or more projects?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 3 21:16:23 BST 2010

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 8:04 PM, Joakim Seeberg <kontakt at seebergit.dk> wrote:
> Could someone please explain to me who is working on what here?
> As I understand Luke is working on a so-dimm reference design for use in
> different Arm computers to be designed later.

 not quite - it is to go into the chitech CT-PC89E [and also the
Si-Chang 7in MID, but that's another story] AND it is for use in
different arm computers to be designed later, thus making the SO-DIMM
a standard.

> Michelle are you doing a separate arm project or a part of the above?
> Others?

 ok - i have a habit of pursuing several things at once: it keeps me
from going bored.

 this is what's going on:

 there are _three_ independent SO-DIMM designers that i know of, all
of whom i'm encouraging to make compatible designs.

 * the original is the SEATRON S3C6410 667mhz ARM11;
 * michelle the crazy girl is going to try a 1.8ghz / 2ghz Marvell (i
hope you can get enough power through the 2 pins, michelle!);
 * another designer has done a Cortex A8 600-720mhz OMAP35xx design;
 * james i have asked if he can make the S5PC100/S5PC110 Cortex A8
833mhz-1ghz design.

 then, the other side: what chassis will these interoperable SO-DIMMs go into?

 * there is the 8.9in chitech netbook and there is the Si-Chang 7in MID;
 * then there are the tablets that michelle wants to design.
 * then, adam is going to talk to Si-Chang and also to Hong Kong
Electronics companies at trade shows in 3rd week of april, to ask if
they would like to make 10.1in and bigger netbook chassis'

so by using the same SO-DIMM standard specification, all of these
machines could be upgraded and are future-proofed, and end-users have
a range of price-point options to choose from.

 at the same time, i am pursuing the idea of doing an
"open-pandora-esque" survey to find out if there are more people who
want 100% free software machines, and with what kinds of
specifications, and are they prepared, just like with the
open-pandora, to pay some money up-front, to get it made if it can't
be bought off-the-shelf.

 i'm fed up of waiting around for retailers to buy machines so that we
_might_ be able to get what we want: sod it, let's just get it done.

 that's the plan.


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