[Arm-netbook] SO-DIMM Upgrade Proposal: CT-PC89E with an 833mhz S5PC100 and 1gb of RAM - anyone interested?

Michelle Konzack linux4michelle at tamay-dogan.net
Fri Apr 2 23:40:52 BST 2010

Hello Luke,

Am 2010-04-02 20:53:18, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> > I think, this is no problmen, because in some days I will  get  the  new
> > 2 GBit and 4 GBit DDR2 from Micron.  It is woking  for  the  Armada  300
> > (2000MHz)
>  hooraaay :)
> > but I do not know, with your Samsung µC.
>  we use hynix for the samsung, it works, james has used that for the
> PDA, so we stick with that.

You use 1 Gbit (128 MByte) Type?

How many CS Lines does the Samsung have and what is the biggest  segment
size?  The 4 Gbit DDR 2 are Dual-DIE, exactly this are  TWO  2GBit  DDR2
which where stacked and habe only 63 balls...

Now you can imagine how small it is.

> >  With  the  MLC  NAND
> > Flash I have to wait because the 256 Gbit are not available currently.
> > I get them from my distributor as samples but I have no prices yet.
>  one very important thing, michelle: we _must_ be able to publish the
> prices, and there _must_ be no NDAs or any "firmware".

No NDA anymore...  for the 64GBit and 128 GBit!
You can get the Datasheet directly from the Website.

The 256GBit (2 GByte) is currently under NDA du to the SDD drives from
Micron but I think, next year it could be very different...

>  i am talking with richard stallman, to get the project certified as
> 100% free software compatible.  if people have to sign NDAs to know
> how to use the CPU, then we cannot use it.  and there is the
> possibility of ... thousands of people being interested in a low-cost
> 2ghz ARM netbook, _wow_ that would be something.

The thing is a little bit more complicate as it seems,  because  Marvell
want to see something concret.

This mean, I have to sign the NDA get parts for special price and  build
my first prototype.  If the project is satisfait  I  can  come  back  to
Marvell and ask again for the OLPC project.

However, NDA does not mean, you can not code OSS driver for it.
(see <http://www.linuxdriverproject.org/>)

I am waiting for the prices, but I think, it will be arround 80 US$  but
if it can be made compatibel with the Samsung SO-Dimm it is a realy nice

> > However, the OMAP 3530 for example support up to 3 SD cards  and  I  use
> > already three microSDHC with 32 GByte each.
>  :)

The problem is, currently I use a non-suitabel  PMIC  and  sometimes  it
crash du to voltage mismatch.  I think, I have to wait for the TPS65073.

Also the OMAP 3530 can AFAIK not use the 32 GByte NAND Flash.

However why should we use expensive NAND-Flash if  we  can  have  up  to
three microSDHC and then we are free  to  choose  whatever  we  want  or
localy get?

I would go for a 64-256 MByte  NAND  as  "Rescue System"  maybe  with  a
special prepared universal installer for Debian on a dedicated server.

And of course, in case of heavy usage how long does a NAND Flash live?

I have already killed some NAND flash microSDHC  cards...  They  can  be
replaced very fast and 4 GByte cost  arround  7 Euro  here  in  a  local
computer store in Kehl/Germany.

> > Maybe a Disadvantage:
> >    You have to put them on the bottom side of the SO-DIMM and there
> >    is no space left between the PCB and the SO-DIMM.
>  on the CT-PC89E there is abouuuut.... 1.5mm maybe 2mm if you are
> veery lucky.  yes, i think 1.5mm you will be safe, 2mm is risky.

Checked...  it is 1.6mm.
(see bad quality attachment from Nokia 6120 classic)

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
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