[Arm-netbook] UBoot for Allwinner F20 (Sun3i) - SD/MMC clocks/registers

sysfwlab sysfwlab at gmail.com
Wed May 23 04:26:54 BST 2012

Hello everybody,

My final goal is to modify uboot-allwinner to support sun3i platform.
After successfully building a minimal application ("Dummy Sun3i 
bootloader") that blink a led and after manage the UART0, i improve it 
with small clocking, math, printf, dump tools, etc..and i learn a lot of 
(Here is a synthesis in french, but ascii schematics are in english 

Now, i want to play with SD/MMC driver. I do a A10 source analysis and i 
got a lot of information but i need help, i got some questions and need 
your experience...

You can found here A10 uboot SD/MMC driver analysis synthesis (if need):

You can found here F20 uboot SD/MMC driver adaptation analysis synthesis 
(if need) :

Here is my questions, hope someone can help me :

1 - I found the F20 controller base address SDCx_BASE and i know the 
SD/MMC registers offsets for A10 (gctrl,clkcr,timeout,with,etc...) do 
you think is reasonable to think the SD/MMC controler is the same on F10 
and A10 so registers offset can be identicale ?

2 - My main probleme is the main clocks registers.
On A10 we got 4 clock registers, one clock register per controller (ex:  
SDC0_CLK : 0x01c20088 for  SDC0_BASE : 0x01c0f000 )
On F20 we got only 2 clock registers, one clock register for two 
controllers .
(ex: SDC01_CLK : 0x01c20018 for SDC0_BASE : 0x01c0f000 and SDC1_BASE : 

Here is what i known on a clock register  for A10 (it's suffisant to 
enable it):
  Register : SDC0_CLK - Base : 0x01c20088
                  SDC1_CLK              0x01c2008c
                  SDC2_CLK              0x01c20090
                  SDC3_CLK              0x01c20094
   0      \
   1       | Divider - 011: 3, 100: 4
   2      /
  24      1 ???
  31      1  ???

Did you get and idea ? Do you think the register organisation for F20 is 
the same expect i manage 2 controllers at once ?
(Did you ever see this on other CPU ?)

3 - Controller frequency
I compute uboot start A10 CPU at 504MHz and PLL5 witch drive SD/MMC 
controllers at 360 MHz, do you think is something common ?

4 - Linux & Sun3i SD/MMC driver
I dont find SD/MMC allwinner reference on linux-allwinner tree, but i 
know it can read SD, can someone help me to find and entry point ?
(I ever read /drivers, /includes, but nothing about allwinner register, 
etc...it go throught  drivers/platform structures callback and callback 
and callback...:) and nothing about mmc and low level allwinner 
acces....please help ) it's a standard component ? (like UART is 16555 
clone ?)

5 - More generally if someone can give me the SD/MMC map register for 
F20 it will be the best but all information, idea and expericence are 
well come...Please Mr Allwinner, open this registers :), please...

6 - Subsidiar : I got a main clock named "VE_PLL" (in top off the clock 
hierarchy, near "CORE_PLL", do you now what does "VE" mean ?
     (Video Engine ? ...it seame to be an important module but....)

Thanks a lot in advance,
(and sorry for expression)


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