[Arm-netbook] Trouble booting kernel on A1000, amery config settings

Peter Steenbergen p.steenbergen at j1nx.nl
Mon May 21 19:06:37 BST 2012

I think that the misunderstanding has occurred because the wires have
> to be crossed over. That is, you don't connect Tx and Rx on the Mele
> to Tx and Rx on the converter, you cross them over.
> Tx on the Mele socket needs to go to Rx on the converter, and Rx on
> the Mele to Tx on the converter.
OMG, I feel so stupid !!! You are right.

About tom;s convertor; Have not played with it much, but it works with the
screen command from the cli. I don't like al those Gtk thingies.

Just run; "screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200"
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