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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Mon May 21 00:29:10 BST 2012

On 19/05/12 18:49, lkcl luke wrote:
>  there are ways to *successfully* use wikis and there are ways to
> completely fail to make any progress, headway or have them be useful
> for any purpose whatsoever.

Yes. Absolutely. I'm not disputing that. The only thing we disagree with
is the details.

I am completely happy with agreeing to disagree, and that is what I have
been attempting to do. Unfortunately that is no longer possible, because
you've been threatening to throw people off the list for not doing what
you want.

In another post you said:

> so please get it *out* of your head that your ego is more important,
> do you want to deprive people of the opportunity to contribute?
> do you want a policy in place which makes it harder for people to
> contribute?

Right now you have a policy in place where contributors get thrown off
the mailing list if they contribute. Please think about the above
statements in this context.

I am doing this in my spare time. It is recreation, because I find
fiddling with this kind of device fun.

Right now I am not having fun.

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